National Cathedral

Just two days ago, there was an earthquake in Virginia, just northwest of Richmond. The National Cathedral was damaged during the earthquake and many monuments, like the Washington Monument were closed to check for structural damages.The real name is Washington National Cathedral or the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. It is the 6th largest cathedral in the world and one of the tallest structures in DC. The cathedral was started in 1907 and was finished in 1990.

The primary architect was Philip Hubert Frohman. The funds to build the cathedral came from private sources. The National Cathedral Association continues to raise funds to maintain the cathedral. Members live in every state. Every year, a state has a state day.

The main architecture is a mixture of many Gothic styles from Medieval times. There are pointed arches flying buttresses, vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows, and carved stone decorations. There are two sets of bells that are rung by the Washington Ringing Society. The building is constructed of Indiana limestone. The pulpit is carved out of stones from Canterbury Cathedral. The altar is made from stones quarried from Jerusalem.  The stones in the floor are from Mount Sinai and represent the 10 commandments.

Three funerals for presidents were held here: Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan. Woodrow Wilson is buried here.

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