Cochrane's Quips

Here is a place to pose your questions and answer mine. Make me smile, make me laugh, because you know I AM the funniest teacher at Reinberg!

Hi boys and girls, this is Mrs. Cochrane and I want to know what questions you have for Ben Franklin. We will be having breakfast with him on July 23rd. If he's lucky I'll leave some food for him, too. Ha ha. Just leave your comments below and we will be sure to ask him. Think of things you want to know about Philadelphia while he was helping to write the Declaration of Independence. Talk to you soon.

Do you know how the Liberty Bell got a crack in it? (No, I didn't do it.)
These are the types of questions I want you to start sending me.

Well, as most of you know...I LOVE to coupon!!!

This however, is what led to my meeting a very special TSA agent today. Let me explain... as Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Gibson and I were passing through security at O'Hare one of us was pulled to the side to have their luggage checked. Can you guess who? You are probably correct, ME! But can you guess why?

They had to check my bag because I had a "sharp object" with me. What was it you ask? MY FAVORITE COUPONING SCISSORS! Do not fear, I was allowed to keep my scissors after all.

I wonder what mischief I can cause tomorrow... stay tuned.

July 19, 2011 7:17 PM

7/21/2011 - Lew asked about the weather - Mrs. Cochrane replied - well, with 114 degree heat index today, can you guess what we had for lunch today?  Ice cream - yeah!  We also had a FANTASTIC time the last two days listening to 13 storytellers.  Did you know that the first bank robbery on record took place in Philadelphia in 1798.

7/23/2011 - Ms. Dahl - thanks for calling, Cochrane.  Glad you made it to DC.  Did you really need to  bring your coupons & a scissors on the trip? (pulled over by security)  Have fun!  The Dali Lama.

7/27/2011 - was that you guys in the oval office?  Nice!  I hope Cochrane didn't walk off with any souvenirs!  How do you spell that?? Have fun!  The dali Lama.

7/27/2011 - she was watched very closely.  Secret Service agents are every where!  The picture is from Uno's!  We went to eat pizza and there was a booth labeled "visiting heads of state".

7/27/2011 - she goes nowhere without her coupons!  Thank goodness she had them because we needed those coupons several times!  She is the queen!

9/23/2011 - Do you know what Monday is?  It's Mrs. Cochrane's favorite celebration - Johnny Appleseed day!!!

9/23/2011 - Mrs. Cochrane says it's only 38 days until Halloween!! Let's go trick or treating!  She thinks it should be a national holiday.

9/26/2011 - Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!  I hope you all ate an apple today!  Remember if you buy honey crisp apples and keep them in a cool place they will last 5-6 months!

10/3/2011 - I never knew apples lasted so long!

4/5/2012 - Did you know Thomas Edison loved to play Parcheesi?  I went to the Ford/Edison Museum today and learned that little tidbit and more!