We Are on Our Way

In February, we discovered we received a grant from Fund for Teachers to bring history to our students in a unique way.  Three of us, Mrs. Cochrane, Mrs. Gibson, and myself (Mrs. Hoffman) will be traveling to Philadelphia to see where the United States started as a nation.  We wanted to visit historic sights our students are unable to see without traveling there themselves.  From there, we are going to visit Washington, DC and see where we are today as a country.  How is the United States of America doing as a nation?  We plan on visiting the sights,taking pictures, and commenting about what we learned.  From there, we want our students to comment on what they learned and hopefully add additional information they learn in class throughout the school year.

In the meantime, we invite our students to help us build this site.  We want to hear from our students to see what they want to learn and what they want us to find out.  Where would you like us to visit?  What types of questions do you want answered?  We want you to follow our travels during the summer and send us messages so we can respond during our trip.

We can't wait to hear from you.

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  1. We just got done reading a book about traveling to Washington, DC. Robert wants to know - what hotel you will be staying at. Aidan wants to know what is in the White House. Ethan wants to know how big is the Washington Memorial. Desiree wants to know what foods did you eat.