Day 7 - Visit to the Capitol - where laws are made

Today we learned to ride the bus and trains in Washington, DC. We needed to get to the Capitol for our appointment.  Senator Dick Durbin arranged for a VIP tour of the Capitol.  When we arrived we were ushered into the visitors center and then met our tour guide, Megan. She is an intern who attends University of Pennsylvania but is from Illinois. Very knowledgeable, she gave us a wonderful tour, explaining the different rooms. We went into the rotunda and got a chance to see statues that each state donated. We spent several hours at the Capitol touring the rooms and hallways. An exciting part of the tour was when Mrs. Hoffman located a statue of Richard Stockton, her relative in the hall of statues. He signed the Declaration of Independence. Even Righty, American, and Lefty got a chance to see the Capitol and get their picture taken.

The Capitol
The Rotunda
Abraham Lincoln Statue

Richard Stockton and Mrs. Hoffman

We cruised over to Union Station for lunch and then went to the Library of Congress for our afternoon tour. We were all surprised by how beautiful both buildings were. The Library of Congress and the Capitol rival the palaces of Europe in ornateness.  Books, documents, movies, diaries, and many other artifacts are stored at the Library of Congress.  Accessing the Library of Congress is easier than ever today. We can just go to  You can access this site right here on our blog.  Just look on the left and you'll see the Library of Congress.  Click on it and it will take you anywhere you want to go.

Our last stop of the day - the Potomac River.  We spent an hour cruising the Potomac and seeing some of the sites from a boat. We started in Georgetown and headed down towards the Reagan International Airport before turning around and returning to Georgetown. We saw the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, as well as Roosevelt Island. There is so much to see it's hard to believe we only have a few more days left.

Lincoln Memorial from the Potomac

Tomorrow we will be taking a bus tour where we can hop on and hop off at different attractions.

Righty, American, and Lefty having lunch!


  1. was that you guys in the oval office? Nice! I hope cochrane didn't walk off with any souvenirs!! how do you spell that??? have fun, the dali lama.

  2. She was watched very closely. Secret Service agents are every where! The above picture is from Uno's! We went to eat pizza and there was a booth labeled visiting heads of state!