Philadelphia - Day 1

Today we arrived in Philadelphia only to learn the heat followed us from Chicago. We left 90+ degrees with a heat index over 100, only to arrive here and find the weather was the same – 90+ degrees with a heat index of almost 100. The city of brotherly love lived up to its reputation. Everyone we asked for assistance was more than helpful.

Before we left, we got breakfast at the terminal. Here is Mrs. Cochrane with our two travel buddies – Lefty, the Democrat donkey and Righty, the Republican Elephant. They are ready for their first time on an airplane.

On the plane ride we met a serviceman, PV2nd class – Ernie Tidball who was traveling from Hawaii to Philadelphia to stay with his family for two weeks before he is stationed in Afghanistan. He will be helping to diffuse bombs along the roads. A dangerous job but he was excited about going overseas and doing something for our country. PV2nd class Tidball has agreed to let us write him letters so once we return to school in September we will do just that. Here is a picture of him with Lefty, Righty, and Mrs. Hoffman.

When we arrived in Philadelphia, we took a train into the city. Their airport is not as big as Chicago’s, but it is very clean and easy to get through. It was not long before we were on our way. When we arrived at our hotel, we dropped off our bags and started to walk around the city.

After wandering around and getting accustomed to the city, we returned to our hotel to prepare the next day. We can’t wait to visit the Liberty Bell tomorrow.

In the meantime, here is a night view of Philadelphia. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Cochrane, and Mrs. Gibson!


  1. What a cool thing you 3 ladies are doing for your class! I am reading your blog because the army soldier you met on your flight to Philly is a good friend/classmate of my son's. He shared this link with us & I am so glad to see how God is providing support for Ernie as he embarks on a very serious, possibly dangerous, mission. We are very proud of him and his decision to serve our country. It is such an honorable & courageous choice for such a young man.
    Thank you for your kindness and interest in him. He is a great guy & will certainly be in need of your support. Blessings from PA!

  2. PV2 Tidball is an amazing man! We are extremely proud of his service to our country! We are looking forward to writing to him when he is overseas! It is a privilege to meet such a fine young man.