Summer Almost Gone?

Someone mentioned only 3 weeks until Labor Day! Well, I looked it up and actually it's 4 weeks! Thank goodness!

For all the students who are following us - gear up.  Go buy your school supplies.  Read some great books from our reading list. Finally, enjoy the sunshine because once we get back to school we will be inside and we will be working our brains hard.  Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Cochrane, and I want to thank everyone who followed us during the summer.  We also want to encourage you to keep on following us.  Remember we took hundreds of pictures and learned so much we will be posting more information during the school year.

Let me leave you with this bit of information.  In the 1770s there was no telephone.  There was no internet. How then did information and news get to the people who needed to hear it?  Very simple - churches.  The colonists came here to look for religious freedom.  Because of that, there were many different churches established where the people could practice and worship the way they wanted.  No king to demand they only follow the Church of England (or him, since he was the head of the church).  Therefore, the best way to send out information for everyone to hear was to send letters to be read during mass.  The pastor or priest became a newsman like you see on TV.  They would read announcements of gatherings so the men fighting for independence knew where to meet.

Here's a Mrs. Hoffman's tidbit of historical fact - Benjamin Franklin attended church at almost every different church in Philadelphia so he could meet all the people and information could be spread.  No one knew whether he was Protestant, Catholic, Quaker, or Episcopal because he would never tell anyone.  If you visit the different churches in Philadelphia, you will find pews labeled with his name because he attended mass in all of them.

Enjoy the new pictures of Christ Church.  Benjamin Franklin is buried at Christ Church Cemetery along with 6 other signers of the Constitution.
Christ Church - people still go to church here

The church

The organ at Christ Church

the pulpit where the priest would give sermons

Lefty, Righty, and Mrs. Cochrane in a famous pew

baptismal font still used today - William Penn baptized here

Who used to sit here?

Candles - because there was no electricity

Seal of England - most were destroyed after the revolution

rickshaw carrier Ben Franklin would be carried in

Where Ben Franklin is buried

Ben Frankllin's grave

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