The Eve Before

By 8 tomorrow morning, Mrs. Cochrane, Mrs. Gibson, and I will be in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Just where did it get the name - City of Brotherly Love?? William Penn chose the Greek word phileo, which means love, and adelphos which means brother.  Even today everyone knows the city by this nickname, but few know where the name came from.

Another innovation William Penn can be thanked for is the city grid.  When he designed the city, he designed the streets along a grid pattern - think of those blocks we use to measure area and the graph paper we use to draw shapes.  This special innovation was copied in cities all across the United States afterwards.

By 1754, Philadelphia was the largest city in the colonies and the busiest port. What better place for the birth of independence?  Follow with us as we visit the places where our Founding Fathers met and discussed independence, while we visit Declaration House - the place where Thomas Jefferson wrote the famous document, and go to Franklin Court where a frame of Benjamin Franklin's house can be found.  And don't worry, we will see the Liberty Bell!

Talk to you soon.

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