Our Founding Fathers

Before our Founding Fathers could write the Declaration of Independence, they had to convince their colonies to go against the most powerful country in the world - Great Britain. This was not an easy task. All land-holding males of voting age were eligible to vote that day. In Virigina, the men insisted on a unanimous decision. If all of them did not agree to go against Great Britain, then the colony would not have voted for it. George Washington was voted to be in charge of the army. This was a task he did not relish, or look forward to. He was a gentleman farmer and wanted to return to farming as soon as he was done. He even longed to go sooner, but knew his country needed him.

While in Virginia, we had an opportunity to meet George Washington and ask him questions about his strategy. Here are some pictures of the day George came to visit us.

Here is George Washington as he rallies the men in Williamsburg to fight. He rode into the city to speak to the citizens before heading to Yorktown to fight Cornwallis.

The next time we see George was during a visit he made to use, letting us know what our duties would be. Many women wanted to offer assistance but he felt we could best serve our country by staying here and guarding our homes and helping the wounded as they were sent from the battlefield. The men would be welcome additions if they were ready and able to fight the last fight. Several men offered to join a special troop called the Forlorn Hope - who would attack the enemies redoubts, knowing their chances of survival were small.  Many brave men offered to join any way. Here's to our brave men and women - hip hip huzzah!

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