Only 5 days and counting!

Just a brief note from Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Cochrane, and Mrs. Gibson,

With only 5 days left before we begin our journey into the past, we decided a bit of research would help us feel like we were in the 1700s with all those brave men and women who decided to fight against the most powerful nation in the world for their freedom.  Here's an interesting fact that probably helped them decide - the percentage of poor people in 1772 was 8 times greater than it was in 1752!!!!  That's like saying if the poor made up 8 percent of the population in 1752, then by 1772, the percent was 64%!!!  That's a huge difference!

With all the taxes being levied on the population, the people wanted relief.  They were tired of King George and Parliament telling them what to do and how much money to pay.  The time for change had come.  Every colony had to vote to send someone to Philadelphia for the meeting.  In Virginia, the decision to fight had to be unanimous, or everyone had to agree, or they would not fight against Great Britain and King George.  It was unanimous!!!

On May 15, 1776, Virginians voted to fight for freedom and send their delegates.  When we arrive in Philadelphia, we will visit the same places those brave men did and listen to their stories on how our nation was born!

Don't forget to follow us!

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